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You are Here by Amanda Miska


I have a strange little poem/prose thing at Counterexample Poetics today.

I asked the man at the Stop and Shop counter, “Can you put number one dad on the cake?” and he said yes. After some time he came back and asked “Do you want the number or the word?” I said, “The number. Like number one dad.” I was thinking “#1”.
Instead he wrote Oneth Dad.

“My sister steps into a hole in the ground in the yard and the bees swarm out and start to sting and attack her and she is shrieking and my mother runs over to grab her and everyone else scatters but I stand and stare at the welts forming where she has been stung and then my father pushes me out of the way and pours a can of gasoline into the hole and calmly drops a lit cigarette into the hole. I watch as bees fly up and out of the hole in flames while my sister screams and my mother screams and my father nods his head at me and says quietly, only to me, ‘burn anything that ever hurts you.’”

Everyday Genius: Jane Liddle

My story “The Victim” was published on Everyday Genius. The story is part of my murder series. Check it out, and other stories and poems at Everyday Genius edited this month by Mark Cugini.

“It was a sucker age, an age for any propaganda, any cause, any lie, any gadget, and scorning this susceptibility chroniclers sang the stubborn cynicism of past heroes who would not believe the earth was round. It was an age of explosions, hurricanes, wrecks, strikes, lies, corruption, and unbridled female exploitation…This was an age for Amanda Keelers to spring up by the dozen, level-eyed handsome young women with nothing to lose, least of all a heart, so there they were holding it aloft with spotlights playing on it from all corners of the world, a beautiful heart bleeding for war and woe at tremendous financial advantage.”

—   A Time to Be Born, by Dawn Powell

FICTION: Loneliness Is Key by Jane Liddle - LUNA LUNA MAGAZINE


Love this story by Jane Liddle! Thrilled to get to share it via Luna Luna Mag.

Thank you to Amanda and Luna Luna for publishing my story. I had fun writing this one.

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Be there or be square. 


Be there or be square. 

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2014 Schedule ‹ Popsickle Brooklyn



This will be more fun than a monster truck rally. 

Look at all those names. Look. Look.

Come on out.

We’ll be waiting for you.

“Q: Why do you often tell the same story two or three different ways?
A: It’s not done with me yet. I forgot something important, or I hadn’t learned it yet.
Q: You still believe in something as old-fashioned as meaning-making?
A: Maybe the biggest fiction I want to create is that it all matters. It matters so much. It matters and matters.”

—   “Q & A” from Kyle Minor’s Praying Drunk